The Ziemia Żywiecka Folk Group

The current repertoire comprises the following programmes:

Żywiec Highlanders` Programme:

Based on customs, music, songs and dances come from the highlanders of the Beskidy Mountains. Being very dynamic, colourful, imaginative programme, it includes the use of authentic folk instruments: 3,5m long pastoral trumpets called 'trombitas', various horns and pipes. Among dances: THE HORSE (Koń), THE SCUFF (Siustany), THE SPINNING DANCE (Obyrtka), THE HUNGARIAN DANCE (Hajduk).

Choreography: Marek Koźlik, Adam Adamowski, Krystyna Kwaśniewska

Musical arrangement: Jan Brodka


At the Kaban`s after farmer`s market

This performance shows a party in a magic tavern close to Żywiec Town with its unique atmosphere. Once the tavern used to be well-known as a place where many inhabitants gathered after the market day for celebrating transactions and fun.

Choreography: Marek Koźlik

Musical arrangement: Jan Brodka


St. Laurent`s Bonfires Programme:

It is a performance of an old custom bound up with making great bonfires at the night before St. Laurent`s Day - Wawrzyńcowe Hudy (10th August).

Written down by Maria Romowicz

Choreography: Krystyna Kwaśniewska

Musical arrangement: Jan Brodka


Programme: Żywiec Town Famous

The Group presents traditional customs and dances of townspeople and craftsmen. The programme shows their dignity and pride. The dancers wear stunning Żywiec attires. Characteristic dances are: THE ŻYWIEC POLONAISE (Polonez), THE MAZOVIAN DANCE IN ŻYWIEC STYLE (Mazur), THE POLKA DANCE (Polka), WALTZ (walc), QUADRILLE (kadryl), THE HUSSAR DANCE (Huzar), THE DOUBLE GAIT DANCE (Cwajter) and THE SINGLE GAIT DANCE (Półcwajter).

Choreography: Marek Koźlik, Adam Adamowski

Musical arrangement: Jan Brodka

Suite of Dances from Kraków area and Zaborów area

Based on traditional dances and songs from the adjacent Kraków area. Its climax a peak is a scene with the famous legendary character of LAJKONIK, one of symbols for Kraków Town.

Choreography: Emil Bytom, Krystyna Kwaśniewska, Konrad Kowalczyk

Musical arrangement: Jan Brodka.


Suite of Dances from Lublin area

It shows traditional dances and folk songs from central part of Poland (Lublin Town and its surroundings) such as THE POLKA DANCE (Polka), THE LUBLIN QUICK WALTZ (Walczyk Lubelski), THE FLAP DANCE (Mach), THE WASP DANCE (Osa), THE GYPSY DANCE (Cygan); all performed in lovely costumes from Kszczonów area.

Choreography: Leszek Kędra, Krystyna Kwaśniewska

Musical arrangement: Jan Brodka


Suite of Dances from Rzeszów area:

It ranks among the most dynamic and imaginative programmes of the Group. Lively dances of Polka andShtiers as well as joyful folk songs come from Rzeszów area; all performed in beautiful colourful costumes.

Choreography: Edward Hoffman, Krystyna Kwaśniewska

Musical arrangement: Tadeusz Such, Jan Brodka

Dances and folk songs from Łowicz area

The programme comes from a central part of Poland. Dancers in striped folk costumes with rich embroideries of flowery motives. The Group performs melodic folk songs as well as short witty rhymes plaited in lively Polish dances of Polka and Oberek.

Choreography: Jolanta Kutereba

Musical arrangement: Janusz Kazimierczak, Jan Brodka


National Dances

THE POLONAISE DANCE (Polonez) and THE MAZOVIAN DANCE (Mazur); old-Polish dances and songs. Artists act the programme in the clothes of former old-Polish gentry (so-called kontush coats and dresses);

Choreography: Krystyna Kwaśniewska, Piotr Onyszko, Małgorzata Onyszko

Musical arrangement: Jan Brodka, Krzysztof Kramek



Choreography: Krystyna Kwaśniewska.
Musical arrangement
: Jan Brodka.